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About Us

HelpAF is a complete student-centric platform that believes that before students learn, they should become aware of it. Awareness of a student should come in terms of what is available to them and which is the best option for them. Awareness is something that most students lack especially in India because they don’t have access to the right expert and sometimes even after an expert’s guidance, the student is unsure of what to do and what will actually help him build his career, and help him earn money when he completes his education or even while he is studying.

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Our Story
8 Sept 2019
Helped A Friend
Sitting in a Park With a Friend

One day my Friend asked Me, "I want to do a digital marketing course please guide me from where I can do it effectively and efficiently'. He asked me to talk and enquire general Information about the institute. 

8 Oct 2019
HelpAF History
Youtube Channel

Started A Youtube Channel With A Name HelpAF which means Help As Friend. Started finding the good institutes in Delhi NCR which provides not only education but also transform the student from normal teenage to an entrepreneur or a job seeker. 

On the way
Through Out the Year

The Impact was stupendous students were sharing their thoughts, appreciating HelpAF's work, requesting us to do more such coverages and lot more 🙂  

30 nov 2020
Launched Student Platform
Youtube channel to student platform

Now the student can request a skill-based course, avail special offers, Understand more clearly where to invest money and time and how to make their future secured and amazing..!

HelpAF- Help As Friend

The idea of HelpAF was born from here, when the founder Manorav Arora himself was disappointed by the fake promises of Placement made both by his college and the Institute at which he had learned Digital Marketing. With a view to bringing a revolution in the education system and the future of our country that lies in the youth, he embarked on a journey to help out students just like him. To bring out the real picture of such Institutes and to help students understand, learning what skills will help them in the future.

Do you know? The college that will charge you a whopping fee of about 12 lakhs for graduation, can teach you nothing that will genuinely help you become confident about your survival in the real world! The reality is, in your college, what you will learn, is more theoretical rather than practical. Theoretical knowledge is worthwhile only when you make its practical application. Then the question comes, what should a student do to gain knowledge through practical exposure, or what does he do that can actually make his placement and career secure? The answer to this is, ‘short-term skill-building courses’! Believe us, there are some skill-building courses out there in this modern world that not only teach you in a shorter time span, what your college cannot even in a span of 3-4 years of graduation but also help you earn money for real. In this world where you are surrounded by private Universities that are very heavy on your pocket, you need to go that extra mile where you can save more money and time and get greater benefits.

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